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Summer is scarcely over, and in keeping with tradition, Paris-Versailles is looming on the horizon for the last weekend in September (28 September 2008). Now in its 31st edition this race, a favourite with runners and spectators, starts below the Eiffel Tower and finishes opposite the Château de Versailles. It includes a well-known difficult stretch on the side of the Gardes, and incorporates the prestigious Seine riverbanks and the green woods of Meudon..
Paris-Versailles (16km long) invites you to come along with the family to enjoy a Sunday out in the open air either as a participant or a spectator cheering on the racers, for this great classic running event. Running shoes at the ready! In spite of our very strong activity, 7 guys from Route 109 are currently registered: Roland, Jean-Philippe, Fabrice, Michel, Laurent Bauvineau, Félix and Bruno .. and perhaps more.
Please join us to congratulate all of them.

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Dear Blanchard,
Stupid guy, you know where you can put your fingers? i strongly disagris with your opinion.
Do you know why the "rosbeef" doesn't like the froggies (grenouilles)? parce qu'elle fait le thé tard...
You're welcome.
totaly absurd this story !
And what to say about the blond donzells excaping from the training period before the "fucking chicken"
I recommand a very strong punition; all the details can be found on this website http://thefuckingchicken.com/
Good luck to:

Michel, the big chief (of the kitchen)
Fabrice, the small one (sorry for that..)
Rolland, the hottest one (you know what i mean.. ladies)
Bruno P?&@^µ.#*.c (fucking name..)
Felix the cat (like the croquettes)
Laurent, the best one (of what ?)
Jean-Philippe, the most regular (depending on waht)

Road 109 is proud of you.
My dear William, first thanks for your contribution. Your english is soo fluent that we can understand very well how is the atmosphere at Road 109. And yes you are absolutely right, it's very chocking to see the two "blondasses" leaving the "fucking chicken" exercise invented by the famous Sophy Diourand. See you soon. Regards
What else ?
Ness Presso
Hello the small wolfy

I am very impessioned, by the level of culture vehiculed within thi new session of Road 109.
But who is the autor of this spendid article all in english? Is it Jeannot the rabbit , louloutte the nurse or somebody else?
Now regarding punishing the two Donzelles , I suggest to re establish corporel punishment as soon as possible . It is absolutely not normal to escape from the training before doing th "fucking chicken" all together.
This is my opinion
J'en profite (en Français, car elles risqueraient de ne rien comprendre..) pour signaler que deux donzelles (une petite et une grande blonde, des fausses blondes à priori..dont une qui se casse souvent la figure) ont quitté précipitamment le stade à la fin de notre entraînement mercredi dernier au moment de faire les exercices d'étirement. Je propose une sanction disciplinaire et exemplaire pour ces deux tourterelles ainsi que des excuses à notre Angelina préférée pour avoir éviter la séance d’abdos.
Que proposez-vous comme sanctions Mesdames et Messieurs de la 109 ?
Oh Yes ! Nous allons impressionner les nouveaux, car en plus de faire marcher nos gambettes, nous actionnons nos neurones ... Véronique
Alors Bernard, ta t'y compris ?? ça rigole pas à Route 109, faut parler anglais maintenant.